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Welcome to the most comfortable place
in your budget, “The Solace”.

The Solace is Delhi's most prestigious name for connoisseurs of luxury and comfort. The Solace, a unique brand in the hotel industry, offers a promising commitment of Quality, Service and great Value for money. We offer 18 rooms boasting of pleasant and tastefully done interiors, luxuriously furnished with all modern amenities. Courteous staff, personalized service and a one-to-one interactive communication with guests is the hallmark of "THE SOLACE".
Spacious and meticulously decorated, the hotel contains various categories of rooms which are perfectly planned to suit the taste of our individual guests. Rooms are dedicated to the affluent and discerning traveler who demands the highest standards of facilities and service. 
We take every step to ensure that your stay at THE SOLACE is a memorable and an everlasting experience. We provide the best of services as well as facilities.

THE SOLACE is a prestigious address right in the heart of the city. Situated on the main road, in an area dotted with many historic places, markets, museums and commercial centres, including the famous Nehru Place (Commercial hub), Pragati Maidan (the venue for International exhibitions), Connaught Place (Shoppers paradise), the India Gate (Historical tourist spot) and the Lotus Temple, famous for its scenic beauty and architecture – all these lie in close proximity and offer several recreational and excursion options to guests. The drive from IGI Airport to the hotel takes about 30 minutes and from New Delhi Railway Station about 15 minutes.